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Welcome to the Midlife Happiness Method™

It’s great you decided to join the course. It will give you all the tools

  • to accept a new period in your life
  • to recognize the 5 stages of midlifecrisis
  • to pass the stages in an easier way
  • to have a better, happier and healthier life
  • to feel vital and without stress
  • to make new choices; you can set new goals
  • you are able to refresh your relationship or maybe to start a new one
  • to live you life to the full

Your life will be great after this transition period in your life. You are going from midlife crisis to midlife happiness!

The Midlife Happiness Method™  consists of 3 modules with 12 steps.

You will receive every week a new step in your mailbox.
Every fortnight you can join our groupcall in Zoom. I will send you the Zoomlink. We will talk about the steps and your question. You can  exchange views and experiences.

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Here are your 12 steps
Step 1 – Introduction and theory Midlife crisis and Andropause
Step 2 – What stage of Midlife crisis are you in?
Step 3 – Problems face them! Work, relationship and mentally
Step 4 – Face also the other problems: Health issues, sex and libido
Step 5 – Invest in a healthy lifestyle and being vital
Step 6 – Your personal goals for a healthy, energetic lifestyle
Step 7 – New start for your relationship
Step 8 – How to improve your lovelife
Step  9 – How you can change your mindset and make new choices.
Step 10 – How to embrace your new choices and live your life to the full.
Step 11 – How to stay happy together or start again?
Step 12 – Now your life will be better after midlife crisis.

Let’s go and start with your first lesson!

Aafkeyour Midlife Happiness Expert

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